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Lionz Alliance Scholarship Winner Announced: Jazmin Wiggins!

On August 5, 2022, the first rendition of the Lionz Alliance Fine Arts Scholarship was awarded to a 2022 Seminole High School graduate, Jazmin Wiggins. Jazmin was selected from a group of nearly fifty scholarship entries, and she has already begun her college career at Seminole State College. The scholarship award totaled $2,625.00 and will be distributed through her financial aid office.

About the Lionz Alliance Fine Art Scholarship

PZ Law Firm partnered with local artist, Jordan Jones (@jj_the_artist), to form the Lionz Alliance Fine Art Scholarship. On February 25, 2022, PZ Law hosted a launch party and fundraiser for the scholarship at our office in downtown Orlando. The party was attended by many local artists, attorneys, and even a few students. In total, the launch party raised nearly $2,000.00 for the scholarship.

Stay tuned for more information concerning next year’s scholarship.



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